Fred Ehrsam
Everything will be tokenized and connected by a blockchain one day.

Our Company

Based in Hong Kong, OneChain is a pioneering enterprise blockchain company led by a team of blockchain enthusiasts, experienced Web3 developers, and marketers. We specialize in providing comprehensive blockchain solutions for businesses, encompassing blockchain infrastructure and applications tailored to your needs.

Our in-house blockchain network serves as the backbone of our enterprise blockchain solutions, spanning product authentication, data traceability, decentralized ledger systems, and tokenization. With a focus on enhancing trust, security, and innovation, we aim to make blockchain technology accessible and practical for enterprises. This empowerment facilitates streamlined operations, sustainable growth, and valuable insights for businesses in diverse sectors.

Our Vision

At OneChain, our focus is on enterprise collaboration across diverse industries. We’re dedicated to enhancing your workflows, ensuring agility, transparency, and sustainability.

Being a OneChain partner means you don’t have to build from the ground up. We’ve established a streamlined structure for information sharing and providing tailored blockchain solutions, saving you time and costs.

Our distributed ledger fosters business synergy, leveraging network effects. The more partners on OneChain, the greater the collective value. Our vision is to unite startups and enterprises, establishing OneChain as the go-to consortium blockchain platform across industries.

William Mougayar
The Old question “Is it in the database” will be replaced by “Is it on the blockchain?”